thevagetarian's Journal

Our 20 year-old heroine. Bio major at the University of Puget Sound. Attempts to avoid teen angst/drama by overwhelming herself in as much work and as many ventures as possible. Snarky, outgoing, and attracted to individuals of the female persuasion. Enjoys cats.
If day to day pastimes, two sentence blurbs, fan-girling and the occasional slip of female rage don't sound like appealing reading material, then this journal isn't for you. ;)
major characters;
KEVIN (20 years old) Melanie's best friend and male counterpart. Provides moral support and queer empathy. SARAH (20 years old) The ex; dated Mel for a year and a half. Not on speaking terms. Is ginger. DANI (20 years old) Third member of the KMD trio. Equipped with biting snark. Dating Shivvy. ELLEN (20 years old) Mel's best friend at school. Sweet, genuine, adventurous and a little boy crazy. ANNA/ERIN/JAY/KRISTIN (19-21 years old) Fellow members of UPS Lesbian Force. Among Melanie's closet school companions. CHLOE/BENITA/TRACY (19-21 years old) Melanie's college housemates. Ridiculous people. LANA (21 years old) UPS's own lesbian icon. In pursuit of heroine and would have her heart if she was willing to give it. RYAN (29 years old) Dry humored older brother. Bartends at popular Seattle gay club/bar. STEVIE (28 years old) Sassy older sister. In Alaska applying for med school. Provides words of wisdom. GREG (18 years old) Younger broha in his first year of college at Reed. Finds pleasure in verbal abuse.